April 27

It seems a little early for fishing, but it’s been an unusual year.



April 26

It’s not easy being green.

Our warm winter was wonderful, but here we can see the downside. For the first time ever, we opened our pool this year to discover the water was green and slimy. With a fog machine and some eerie lighting, we could make our own horror film!


April 25

road trip!

The band, chorus, and orchestra left today on their annual trip. This year they are going to Williamsburg to participate in the Festival of Music. This will be #1 son’s last band trip. Like so many things right now, I am happy/sad, happy/sad. I remind myself that he has many great experiences and opportunities in high school, and that the next leg of his life journey will be equally–if not more–exciting and meaningful. But still…

April 24

always choose your lock to complement your locker

Green and purple are complements of each other on the color wheel. Not that I would ever try to match my lock to my locker, but I admire people who have an eye for decorating.

April 23

got the blues

#1 son is obsessed with old cars right now and wants to buy one (or should I say, have us subsidize 100% of the purchase price). We stopped by to look at this one, but it was rejected. Why? It’s an automatic. Do you remember when that was cool?

April 22

up in the air

I attended the New England Folk Festival in Mansfield. It was a rainy day, but several of the performing groups braved the weather anyway and put on a show for the people entering and leaving the building.

April 21

I am way behind in posting so bear with me while I try to catch up. For a few of the days I will have to reach into the archives, such as for this one. April 21 was the day after our trip to visit the University of Vermont, but I don’t have anything from that day. So I’m filling in with this picture from our trip to the University of New Hampshire. This stained glass window was stunning and almost overpowered the flags.

April 20

decision time

Some of you know that our #1 son is graduating from high school this year. We toured 9 schools (the 9th on this day) and he applied to 6. May 1 is the decision deadline for most schools. The clock is ticking.

April 19

enjoying the sun

Having grown up in the South, I accustomed to the idea that you can lay out in the sun in March and April. I find it very frustrating now that I am in New England to be bundled up in my down coat or my long-sleeve shirts during those same months. So this year has been like a trip down memory lane for me.

April 18


I love this broken mirror. It forces me to rethink. I have to change perspective, move it around, or move myself around to find an image to record. If I am just the right angle, something will be revealed.