March 29


These next few days will not feature photos that are artsy, edgy, ironic, or whimsical. But they will show you something that I love to do. For the last four years, I have photographed the musical events at the local high school. I love music and I love photography so it’s a natural combination. I share the photos with the students and families through flickr. To me, though, the best part of what I do is being in the middle of the music and seeing the passion, enthusiasm, concentration, discipline, and joy the students bring to their music. Then I get to go home and look at it all again through the photos. So the next few days are shamelessly about me and not the photos.

The last week as been busy with Bandorama on 3/27 (all bands from 5th through 12th grade play), the spring concert on 3/29, two days of a festival hosted at the high school, and the jazz ensemble playing with a professional band at a restaurant in a nearby town. Between all of those events, I shot and edited 497 photos. Thank goodness it gets quieter for a little while!

Spring Concert 2012 - the view from above

I’m willing to do whatever I need to get a shot (well, almost). I will hide backstage, crawl on the floor, and, as you can see from the above shot, climb up two sets of ladders to the catwalk to get a different angle. To shoot from the catwalk, I have learned to wear shoes that stay on and clothes that can get dirty. I wait until the music reaches at least a mezzo forte to move so the audience doesn’t hear me (and this is where knowing the repertoire helps). I remain absolutely terrified that I will trip and fall through the opening and on to the stage, but it doesn’t stop me.


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