January 26


What goes together with winter like Abbot with Costello? Or peanut butter with jelly? Or macaroni goes with cheese? Or peas and carrots? Or Simon and Garfunkel? Or Bonnie and Clyde? Or Bonnie and Clyde? That’s right. Winter in New England goes with car washes.

Highway departments and other road crews use salt  and sand to de-ice the roads here. Salt in particular can destroy a car according to the advertisements of car wash owners. So we dutifully line up on sunny days in order to have our precious vehicles washed. We select the wash option that includes the undercarriage wash because we sense that that is a region that is particularly vulnerable.

All cynicism aside, though, don’t you prefer closing the door or trunk lid of a washed car over one that is covered in salt and road gunk? That may be the most compelling reason most of us do it.

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