January 8

I'm not the only nut around here

There are two stories to this. First of all, my DH is busy with one of his pranks. It involves coconuts placed in strange places. Then we watch to see if the coconut ever moves (surprisingly, they don’t). He’s taking it up a notch with the googly eyes. We predict it will disappear soon after its placement. But it just goes to show that I’m not the only nut around here.

The second part of the story is that I’m trying to master off-camera flash. I used our friend the coconut to practice bouncing the flash. I had to prop him up with a bit of clay. The flash was in E-TTL mode. I metered two different ways: one for the general scene and one for the background. I played with dialing down the flash compensation, too. You can see the whole set of shots straight out of the camera here.

The nut job above has been through some basic Photoshop adjustments (basic curves to add contrast, a midtone boost, and color pop using an adjustment layer blended at soft light with the opacity at 33%). I also used the clone stamp tool to get rid of the clay at the bottom that was propping it up. After cloning I blurred that section to make it blend better. Skintones are a little off, though, don’t you think?


Update, January 15: The coconut disappeared finally. I was sad to see it go because I loved driving by its happy little face. Hopefully it made other people smile, too.



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