May 7


#1 son has been researching muscle cars because he and the hubs want to buy one. It’s amazing to watch how passionate and knowledgable he is about them (where was this passion and energy for math? physics? A Tale of Two Cities?) and to listen to he and his father discussing the pros and cons of different makes, models, years, etc. The hubs was once a gear head of sorts, so it’s also been fun to see him get excited about this new project.

The boy found this 1966 Mustang for sale through Craig’s List. We went to see it. I have to admit, I went along thinking I would be the naysayer, but as soon as we turned in the driveway and I saw this one, I was won over. So we’re off to mull it over.

May 6

Mary Crowe and the Lincoln Hill Trio at Nourish Restaurant

I went with my friend Carol last night to see another’s friend’s girlfriend (is that too complicated?) perform. We were excited to have a night out and to make it pretty far out of town (45 minutes from home)! It was like being grownup. Or twenty-something. Or something other than nearly middle-aged ladies with jobs, kids, husbands, and other responsibilities. The name of the restaurant was Nourish, which is what it felt like we were doing, nourishing our bodies as well as our souls. Mary, the singer, sang all the old jazz and Tin Pan Alley standards, and Carol and I sang along with her. For both us, that makes it a successful night, but the bonus was that the restaurant had very good food, too. Of course, I vowed to myself that I would get out more and enjoy live performances other than the ones I’m in or #1 son is in.

May 5


I am trying to appreciate the intricate construction of the dandelion, and goodness knows there are plenty of opportunities in my yard to do so, but I can’t get past the fact that all those delicate strands will float off in the wind, plant themselves in my grass, and sprout new dandelions, whether I want them or not.

May 4

Couldn’t help it…had to share both of these today. In the first one, Harvey is watching his cat-brother, who is at the bottom of the hill taunting him. In the second, he could possibly be playing hard to get with the cat or a wonderful smell has wafted through that demands his full concentration or he’s just happy.

May 3



May 2


May 1


April 30

can you guess?

April 29

green peace

Another item collected on one of my runs.

April 28

Did he or didn’t he?

Get help, that is.